dinsdag 21 september 2010

Ozotic 505, very pic heavy, because it deserves it!

Goodmorning ladies!

I don´t even know how I can describe to you how awesome my NOTD is. It´s amazing!! It´s green, teal, blue, purple, light purple, pink, it´s got it all! WOW!

I´ve been waiting for the sun to come out to make the best pictures, but again, no sun today. So I made some pictures in regular daylight and some in artificial light. I shot about 100 pictures and these are the ones I chose to show you.

First up is a picture of Bourjois Blue Violet, which I used as my base.

And now, take your time, sit back and relax and enjoy the awesomeness of Ozotic 505.

Gorgeous right? I totally love it!!

You all have a great day!! And hop to see you back here tomorrow!


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