maandag 20 september 2010

My first attempt with a Bloom nail polish... and it was good!

Good morning ladies!

It´s monday again. And I don´t like mondays. Of course I could tell you now why I don´t like mondays, but I assume you´re here for my latest creation in nail fashion :P

When I got home after work last saturday night I could finally use one of the polishes Elizabeth sent me. I chose Bloom Jessica Mauboy II because I wasn´t sure what I was going to put on top of it. Since with this color I could use konad or layer a nice Ozotic, I would have a choice.

Bloom JM2 is a very nice dark green shade. It applied like a dream and totally opaque in just one coat. I love that! I didn´t apply any topcoat because it dried so quickly. But I should have done that, since there were already a lot of scratches and some tipwear the next morning. My mistake!

So when I woke up sunday morning, there wasn´t any sun. And since I need sun to show all the good sides of an Ozotic polish, I decided to not layer, but use Konad. I used my favorite imageplate M57 with China Glaze Adore, which is perfect for stamping.

In the bottles there´s not a huge difference in color, Adore is just a bit lighter, but at the same time you can see how well they match together.

I apologize for the horrible pictures! When there´s no sun, somehow it´s impossible to make steady shots. Yesterday I tried my camera again and still don´t get it to work how it should. My cell phone has much better quality, eventhough it´s still not as good as I want it to be. Someday I´ll buy a super camera and then I will finally show you quality pictures :D

Well, I have to say my first attempt with a Bloom polish was a success! Love the formula! Can´t wait to try the other 2.

I´m wishing you all a great week! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hey, that is a lovely combination! I can't do Konads myself, but admire those who can!

    And yes, I love the opacity of this polish, but it does need a top coat to bring out the best in it!

  2. @ Twister
    Thank you!

    @ Elizabby
    Thanks!! Konad really is not that difficult. trust me, if I can do it, anyone can ;-)