zondag 26 september 2010

Nfu Oh 38 over OPI ds Magic


I´ve got something for you today that I really like! You know how most people use green/blue flakies over a blue shade? Well, I thought it would be nice to put orange/green/yellow flakies over blue for a change.

For the base color I used OPI ds Magic, which is a very beautiful sparkly blue shade. In the bottle you see a purple duochrome, but honestly, I can´t find it on my nails. I did have some problems with application, because I´m clumsy and can´t really handle the pro wide brush, so more cleaning up than I usely need. But the formula is great! Not runny at all and smooth. 2 coats for full coverage.
I did make pictures of it, but when I put it on the computer, I found out the pictures were no good, so I´m not showing you those.

After DS Magic I used 1 coat of Nfu Oh 38 flakies. They are awesome! If you don´t have that, here´s a few other dupes you can use: Sally Hansen hidden treasure, Gosh rainbow, Nubar 2010. All the same sort of flakies.

And now, on to the pictures.

I love how this flashes gold, green, yellow, orange, red and pink.

Nfu Oh is definitely one of my favorite brands. I haven´t showed much of them, but I promiss to do that soon.

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