zaterdag 18 september 2010

Color Club magic attraction

Goodmorning ladies!

How are you all doing? It's been a busy week for me and didn't sleep very well either, so I'm kind of exhausted. But well, nothing I can do about that right now, so just keep going! Tomorrow I don't have to work, so that should help to feel less tired.

Today I want to show you my NOTD from yesterday. It gets harder and harder to find untrieds in my stash that are work appropriate as well. I think I didn't succeed, haha. But ok, no comments from managers, so it's ok.
This is a very very very nice glitter polish. It's Color Club magic attraction. It has kind of a white glitter base with lots of holo glitter in it. In these pictures you see I've been lazy, I should have done an extra layer, so still some visible nail line. In this case I didn't mind.

2 coats on the pictures
These pictures were taken inside near a lamp, you can see how good the holoness shows in just lamp light, not even really close to a lamp.

Here you can see that when the light doesn't hit it, you have kind of a sugar layer on your nails.

The glitter is bigger than China Glaze fairy dust, but smaller than China Glaze polar ice. I think this would be very nice layered over something else as well.

So, what do you think? Isn't it pretty? Not too much in your face, but still it gives your nails just a nice "look".

Enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. suiker/glitter... het maakt me niet uit :D Ik vind hem geweldig!