maandag 13 september 2010

Nailpolish the cheap way

Hi ladies!

A new week so I thought I´d try something different. After showing you all these expensive brands, it´s now time for something cheap and affordable for everyone. I used a turquoise creme by H&M and it´s called Bella´s choice. Application was not that good, it really needs some thinner, but it was opaque in 1 coat, just as I like my cremes.

I would never ever wear this color alone, it just isn´t me. Glitter or flakies? Both!! I used Essence Glisten Up. Only 1,29 euro! It´s a light blue base with glitter and flakies. Very nice!

Unfortunately my camera had a hard time capturing the flakies and glitter.

What do you think of this combination? Instead of using an expensive OPI creme and an expensive Nfu Oh flakie, I used these cheap polishes and the result is still nice. Although I´m still a bigger fan of more expensive brands, haha.

Have a great week and thanks for watching!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Goedekope nagellak is niet altijd slecht, toch leuk :D
    Essence is ontzettend leuk, zeker voor de prijs. Al vind ik het6 een beetje jammer dat het een blauwige basis heeft

  2. I like very much !!!
    Turquoise and pink are my favorite colors: X: X: X