vrijdag 24 september 2010

Chanel Paradoxal

Hi ladies!

Today I´ve got my very first Chanel to show you. After seeing lots of swatches I knew I just had to have this one. My wallet is crying, but for once it just didn´t bother me.

So on wednesday night I used this polish. When applying I already noticed it was a lot darker than I expected it to be. And I didn´t see the purple shimmer at all. But I was sure I would see it in daylight, no doubt about it. And I was wrong... you hardly ever see the purple shimmer... That´s a huge disappointment for me. Now it´s just kind of a brown creme, not even taupe. It´s too dark to be a taupe in my opinion. Not all that impressive. I have thought of a sollution for that, I will show you that somewhere this weekend. So make sure you  don´t miss it.

But for now I can only show you the pictures of Chanel Paradoxal by itself. I tried my best to catch some of the purple shimmer. Application was good, and it´s 2 coats on the pictures.

The last picture is what you see most of the time.

What do you think of Paradoxal? Is it just that some people can make great pictures? Do you own it yourself? And do you think it was worth the money?

Make sure to visit me this weekend to see what I came up with to make this as pretty as I expected it to be.

Have a great day!

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