vrijdag 10 september 2010

Random duochromes


On this friday I have some random duochrome spam for you. A lot of unknown brands to my dutch readers.
I did these swatches last monday when I was sorting my stash as well.
Don´t have a lot to tell you about these, the pictures speak for themselves.

left to right: Nubar moonshadow, Toma meltdown on mars, Cheslea kaleidoscope, Chelsea tropic of cancer, Chameleon blue sky

thumb to pinkie: Chameleon blue sky, Chelsea tropic of cancer, Chelsea kaleidoscope, Toma meltdown on mars, Nubar moonshadow

The 3 in the middle I really like a lot!! The other 2 I didn´t like very much, so they moved to my swap drawer in my helmer. I hope to get my hands on a few more Toma polishes in the future, they´ve made some awesome duochromes!

That´s all for now. Thanks for watching!!

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