maandag 27 september 2010

China Glaze C-c-courage


I can´t believe it´s monday again. The weeks just pass by so quick, I can´t believe it! I remember I was longing for summer and now autumn has started already. Autumn and winter are definitely not my favorite time of the year. I feel best when it´s warm, sunny and dry. Sometimes I seriously consider moving to a warmer country, where it´s summer all year long. Wouldn´t that be great?!

Well, let´s move on to a swatch I did recently. It´s glitter and it´s purple and it´s been on my untrieds list way too long! I will wear this as a NOTD very soon.
Application was beyond expectation. I seriously thought I would have some trouble with this one, but it was smooth and a very nice formula. And only 2 coats needed for opacity.

Ladies, I present to you: China Glaze C-c-courage

It´s a bit messy here and there since I´m not that neat, especially not with just swatches.

I really like this color. And as said before, it went on way easier than expected.

That´s it for now. Hope you´ve enjoyed reading and watching.

Bye bye!

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