zondag 5 september 2010

Comparison OPI ds Magic, Orly Lunar Eclipse, Sally Hansen Laser and also some CND effects

Hi all!

Today I´ve got a comparison for you. I like doing that, since I´ll get a better look of the dupes I´ve got in my stash. Yesterday I received OPI ds Magic and I noticed it looks a lot like Orly Lunar Eclipse. And when I went through my stash, I saw another one that is quite similar, Sally Hansen Laser. All three look very duochrome-y in the bottle, but couldn´t find that on the nail. A slight flash to purple every once in a while only. Application was good for all three, but opacity wise there was a big difference. The colors are not exactly the same, but the difference is small.
I also got 2 CND effect polishes yesterday, Violet Shimmer and Ice Blue Shimmer, which I also wanted to try. These are very nice! They spice up your mani very much. I put them over OPI yoga-ta get this blue because that matched with the rest of the nails in the comparison, haha.

Thumb: OPI yoga-ta get this blue + CND violet shimmer (1 coat each)
Index: OPI yoga-ta get this blue + CND ice blue shimmer (1 coat each)

Middle: OPI ds Magic (2 coats)
Ring: Orly lunar eclipse (3 coats)
Pink: Sally Hansen laser (4 coats)

In these pictures you can´t see it, but there are slight differences in the colors, with DS Magic being the darkest and sparkliest and Laser being the lightest. I think I like Magic the most. But all together they are very similar and I can definitely say you only need one of them.

And do you like the CND effects? I really think they are lovely! And you can put them over almost anything!

Enjoy the rest of your sunday! And thanks for stopping by!

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