donderdag 30 september 2010

Wild and Willing, autumn is here!

Hi ladies!

Today I´ve got my NOTD of last tuesday for you. This is a polish I actually sold because I thought it was boring. Just a few days after I sold it, I saw swatches of someone layering it over black and I was blown away. How could I have been so stupid to sell it? So I bought it again...

It actually looks like Orly Space Cadet! Probably layering it over purple would make it even more look like it. I had a hard time capturing it on camera unfortunately. But here are the pics. 1 coat Nubar Noir + 2 coats Color Club Wild and Willing.

This is definitely autumn! It´s brown, gold, bronze, green, orange, sometimes a bit dark pink. Gorgeous!

And yes, I know, I have a smudge, I was clumsy again.

Do you like Wild and Willing on its own? What do you think of this layering?

Have a great day!

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