dinsdag 14 september 2010

Zoya Ivanka


How are you all doing? Anything special planned for today? Since it´s tuesday, my weekend finally started, yay!

Today I´m showing you my NOTD from last saturday. It was a sunny day so I needed something sparkly. I asked the ladies on a dutch nailboard what I should wear and they chose Zoya Ivanka for me.

Here it is, 2 coats in these pictures.

It´s a very nice green with gold flashes. Unfortunately the gold doesn´t show up in these pictures...

Well, I was in the mood for some Konad also. I´ve used OPI yoga-ta get this blue as a stamping polish before and it was great, but to be honest, it doesn´t work well on darker colors. It´s not really visible. In my head it was supposed to be the perfect combination.

no idea why this pictures ended up upside down...
Well, at least you can see some of the green shimmer in these pictures.

Do you like the result? Next time I will use a Konad polish to stamp, because I do like the combination with dark blue on Ivanka.

Have a great day!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Jeej! Je hebt naar ons geluisterd :) Mooooi! Jammer dat de Konad niet zo zichtbaar is, toffe plate is dat..

  2. I see what you were going for with the blue; I agree just a bit darker would help it show up better.

    I tagged you with the Sunshine Award:

  3. Thanks ladies!

    @ Karen
    Thank you for the tag, I´ll have a look.