maandag 3 januari 2011

My China Glaze OMG-collection swatches

Hello ladies!

The first monday of a new year. And I promissed some swatches from the OMG collection since China Glaze is releasing the Tronica collection in about 2 months (although they have been seen already) and the promo pics reminded me a lot of the OMG collection. I only have 4 polishes from this collection. I used to have DV8 and FYI too, but the first one was teal and I don´t really like teal and the other one is just really boring in my opinion. Didn´t like the gold ones much. The pink ones didn´t interest me at all of course, so I only have OMG, IDK, LOL and 2NITE.

First up is LOL

Next is OMG

Third is IDK

And the last one is 2NITE

All of these swatches are 2 coats. A lack of sunlight forced me to make pictures in artificial light.

So, what do you think? You like the OMG collection? The silver one (OMG) was my very first lemming, but now I think it is pretty boring, hahaha. I do like the other 3 a lot. And you can use these for konad as well.

Last saturday I found swatches of the Tronica collection and looking at them it was like looking at the Kaleidsocope collection in OMG collection colors. I´m not really sure if I need to get them...

Thanks for watching!

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