zondag 9 januari 2011

Just playing around with konad


Last wednesday I really wanted to do some konad since I hadn´t been doing that in a long time. A few weeks I told you about the image plates I ordered from so it is time to show you one.
Since I always make a mess with konad and I couldn´t find my remover pen, the swatches aren´t very good. I even had to photograph my right hand, since my left hand was even worse. I´m sorry for the mess.

I used China Glaze Little Drummer Boy, which is opaque in just 1 coat and really smooth. For the image I used one of the huge A-series plates (I think it was number 21) and China Glaze 2030, which I seem to use a lot for stamping. I just really like the combination of dark blue and gold.

I do really like the image and the combination of colors, but I should have really done clean up and moisturize before showing this. Sorry!
The good thing about these huge A serie plates is that you don´t have to work really detailed to get a full nail coverage. Which is really a good thing for me!

Thanks for watching and I promiss to give you better stuff again tomorrow!

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