vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Another guestpost by Manon

Hey guys, it’s me again! No tutorial this time, but some really pretty polishes. Since I showed you ‘Heartbeat’ by the brand P2 in my napkin nailart last time, I thought I´d keep with the trend and show you another polish from them.
The beauty I am showing you today is called ‘Gigantic’, and it’s gigantically colorful!

As you can see ‘Gigantic’ is a very bright blue crème with a beautiful glossy finish (these first pictures are without topcoat). I wasn’t too happy with the visible nailline I still saw tho (this is 3
normal coats), so I decided to spice it up just a little bit more, using CND effects ‘Sapphire sparkle’; a pretty effect topcoat of which Miranda has already showed you a couple of sisters.

I hope you enjoyed this little guestpost! Best wishes for the new year and maybe see you soon!

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