zaterdag 1 januari 2011

Finger Paints Easel-y Entertained

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful ladies!!

Today I´ve got my mani from yesterday for you. And it´s awesome!! It´s my very first Finger Paints and I totally love it!
It´s dark blue with lots and lots of blue, purple and silver glitter. Wow! So pretty!

Downside... application wasn´t all that good. After the first coat you think you want to remove it right away. You really have to work with thick coats and wait between layers until it´s dry (does dry pretty quick, so don´t worry) I never do this actually, I´m a very impatient person (my translation of VIP haha) but I had no choice. Another downside that actually surprised me was that it dried matte. How´s that even possible with so many glitter in it?

But if you take the time and use topcoat you´ll be blown away. Of course my pictures don´t do it justice, so you just have to trust me when I say it´s a must have :-)

This is 3 coats with topcoat

Since this is my first FP polish I would love to know your opinions on this brand. Do all of them have trouble with the application?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Pretty mani! :)

    Happy New Year! *kiss*

  2. I have this one too, and though I haven't worn it as a mani, think it is really beautiful. Fingerpaints polishes actually have a really good formula in my experience.

  3. @ Tassa
    Thank you! And Happy New Year to you too!

    @ ABOP
    Ah, thanks for the info! I really would like to get a few more FP. And now I know it's not the brand that has a bad formula, just my bottle.

  4. This is a wonderful polish, I love this effect on your nails it's just perfect!
    I never tried this brand but now I'm willing to :)
    Happy New Year to you! <3

  5. Thank you Lolaa! And Happy New Year to you too!

    My pictures don't even really do it justice, but this is really an amazing polish!