dinsdag 18 januari 2011

China Glaze Atlantis over OPI Jade Is The New Black


Last week I remembered all of the sudden that I never showed you China Glaze Atlantis. How could that be? Since I like it very much and have used it more than once.

The thing I remember about Atlantis is that it needs 4 coats not to see any vnl and since I didn´t want to do that (because that also means I will run out of Atlantis too soon), I started with one coat of OPI Jade Is The New Black and than added two coats of Atlantis. Have to say I prefer Atlantis on its own, just because of the color, but I really like this combination too.

Made the pictures a bit blurry to show you the holo glitter extra good. Pretty!

Just for fun, here´s an old picture of me wearing Atlantis.

I really don´t understand anymore why I had my nails in that shape back than... It´s horrific!


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