woensdag 11 augustus 2010

Another swap has arrived


So I received another swap package yesterday. Another 9 polishes that were very difficult for me to get my hands on. But the lovely Erin got them for me. I wanted to share these pretties with you, so here is the picture.

Top row from left to right: Sally Hansen laser, Sally Hansen virtual violet, Nina Ultra Pro purple xing, Del Sol superhero, Del Sol rockstar
Bottom row from left to right: OPI holiday glow, Sinful daddy's girl, Sinful let's talk, Sinful deep red ocean

Some of you might have never heard of Del Sol. It's a company that makes stuff that changes color in the sun. The funny thing is I had a t-shirt from this company like 10 years ago. A few months ago I came across these polishes and wanted to have them right away. As soon as the sun comes out again, I will show you one of these.

I'll have a NOTD coming up for you as well, so stay tuned :-)

Bye bye!

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