zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

Purple duochrome comparison

Good morning to all of you!

Today I have a comparison for you. Since I´m a sucker for duochromes and purple is my favorite color, I ended up buying quite a few of them. I thought it might be nice to do a comparison.

So here it is. From thumb to pink:
Zoya Adina, Koh Glamorous Purple, Nubar Purple Beach, Zoya Ki, Gosh Purple Heart

Don´t really remember how many coats I used for all of them. Sorry for the messy application, was a quick swatch.

Which one is your favorite of these? Mine is Nubar Purple Beach, but I really like all of them!

That´s it for now. Maybe I´ve made your choice a little easier.

Enjoy your weekend!!

1 opmerking:

  1. Hello. Thank you for the beautiful swatches.

    Which is more "duochromy", Zoya Ki or Nubar Purple Beach? Which of the two lasts longer and does not chip easily? Which of the two has a smoother formula / easier application?

    Thank you very much.