zondag 8 augustus 2010

Swapping is so much fun!

Hi guys!

It´s sunday already, that means that for some of you the weekend is almost over.

Today I want to show you all some swaps I did recently.
First up is my first huge international swap. The lovely Trista who I met at MUA was so kind to buy all the polishes I asked her to. How great is that!! All kinds of polish that are almost impossible to get when you don´t live the USA.

Here are the pictures of the package. Sit back and relax :P

Looks very nice right! Almost like it´s your birhtday!

These are all the lovelies together

Left to right (all Milani): Purple outline, HD, Dot com, Totally cool

Left to right: Claire´s calm/wild, Chameleon blue sky, Sally Hansen garnet lapis, Massini purple medallion, Claire´s flirty/shy

Since I read it was 2 for 1 for the Sinful Colors at that moment, I asked Trista to get me some surprises as well. The 4 on the right is what she got me. Great!
Left to right (all Sinful Colors): Shausha, Nail junkie, Hottie, Gorgeous, I miss you

And the last picture is CQ mint green (never heard of that brand, was also a surprise from Trista, but not my kind of color), LA Girl alkaline blue and NYX graffiti (which was completely different from the swatches I saw at Lextard, but that´s ok, still nice)
Also she put some candy, a nice card and nailfiles which looks like matches in the box.

I did some swapping before, but never as big as this one. Thanks again Trista for all the hard work you did for me. Hope you´ll receive my surprise package soon.

Yesterday I received my swap package from Cat, who I also met on MUA. Cat contacted me after reading how difficult it is to get some of the greatest polishes when you live in Europe. She told me she only had one wish: a polish of Koh. As most of you know, Koh is quite expensive. And unavailable if you live in the US. So we could help eachother. GREAT!! Cat was able to get the polishes I liked very cheap. In the end she got me 8 (!!) polishes for just 1 Koh. I feel so guilty, but she insisted doing this. So very very very nice of her!
Here are the pics.

These are the ones I asked for. Left to right: Nubar knight´s armor, Sally Hansen purple pizzazz, Sally Hansen DVD, Sally Hansen grape going, Chelsea kaleidoscope, Chelsea topic of cancer

And this is what she got me as a surprise. Color Club rev´d up and Kleancolor holo chrome and also a nice card. The Kleancolor is just awesome!!!

Thanks again Cat! This was great!

Dear readers, what do you think, is this great or what? Hope I´ll be able to show them to you as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, since I had such a great time unwrapping the packages, so I thought it would be nice to share that with you.

Enjoy whatever is left of your weekend!!


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