zondag 29 augustus 2010

Glamourous but quite a few downsides


Are you all enjoying your weekend? Mine is very busy. But besides working on friday night and today, it has only been fun stuff! I am very tired now, but it´s almost tuesday and that´s the day my weekend starts.

A new NOTD for you today. It´s Koh Glamourous Purple. And there´s a lot to say about this polish. It´s purple and it´s duochrome so I totally love the color! Application was very good as well, like the brush. But in my opinion it has quite a lot of downsides too.
First of all the cap which is very narrow. So although the brush was really good, holding on to it wasn´t as easy as with most other brands.
Another downside was the opacity. It needed 4 coats! I´m not really a 4 coats kind of girl. But as long as I love the color I am willing to do this.
That brings us to downside number 3... drying time. The first 2 layers dried really quick, but after that it got worse and worse. Even after fast drying topcoat it took about an hour and a half to dry completely.
And last but definitely not least is the price. It costs 15 euro for only 10ml. And since it´s sheer, 10ml will be finished quickly.
To be quite honest I think there´s a better alternative for this color. Nubar Purple Beach. Cheaper, 15ml for around 8,50euro, opaque in 2 coats, better cap, dries quicker. The color of course is not exactly the same, but I like it just a little more. You can find the comparison here

And here are the pics.

So, all together I wasn´t really satisfied about this polish, but still love the color.

As you can see I didn´t do clean up before the picture, because I wanted to have advantage of the sun before it went away again. And excuse me for the horrible cuticles. As soon as it gets colder, my hands get really dry. I do moisturize, but I just have a terrible skin. Did order Nfu Oh cuticle remover last night, I hope this way my cuticles will look better soon.

What do you think about this polish? Do you own it? What´s your general opinion about Koh?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope to see you back here soon!

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  1. Jammer dat de applicatie enzo niet zo geweldig was, voor die prijs helemaal, maar wat een kleur! Dat maakt een boel goed, hij is prachtig :)

  2. Wel een erg mooi kleurtje :)

    Heb trouwens toch eindelijk ook me eigen blog :)