zondag 22 augustus 2010

recent hauls


I´d like to show you my recents hauls. I promissed myself not to order from anymore until the Orly Cosmix FX collection would come out. You can´t imagine how happy I was when that happened a month earlier than expected! The stupid thing was that I totally forgot to order Orly royal navy. How dumb is that! So when Carla from sent an email that she had to stop selling Orly and was giving discount, I decided to order from her as well. And since it´s only 2 euro shipping up to 3 polishes, I made an order of 3 polishes, haha.

Here are the pictures of the 12 polishes that finally arrived.

left to right: Space Cadet, Galaxy Girl, Lunar Eclipse, Royal Navy, Sky Blue Pink
I have been doubting about the last one for a long time, but I think it´s great for layering.

left to right: ChG admire, ChG devotion (both for stamping, but devotion was supposed to be lilac but don´t really see that), OPI the color to watch, OPI purple with a purpose, OPI funky dunkey, Amour rain glitter, Amour black glitter (which is a dupe for Nubar knight´s armor which I also have...)

I just put on Space Cadet and I love it! It´s so great! Tomorrow (or later today, since it´s already past midnight) I will show it to you.

Good night for now!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. ik ben benieuwd naar veel van deze swatches, vooral orly sky blue pink, OPI the color to watch en OPI purple with a purpose! Kijk er naar uit! Veel plezier er mee!

  2. Thanks Mel! Zal mijn best doen om zo snel mogelijk overal een post van te maken, maar het is best lastig nu ik weer werk... pfff, ze zijn daar helaas niet zo makkelijk in, paars en blauw enzo zijn toch wel een beetje uit den boze.