vrijdag 6 augustus 2010


Hi everyone

Another NOTD from me. You must think I´m crazy for changing my mani again. Well, it´s like this. I have lots of untrieds. At work I´m not allowed to wear nailpolish, well, at least not the ones with bright or heavy colors. About my complete stash is filled with bright and heavy colors, so normally I can use 2 nailpolishes a week. That doesn´t really help me to get through all my untrieds. But since it´s my holiday at the moment, I´m trying to get rid of as many untrieds as possible, so I planned to change every day.

Today I have OPI ds Glow. Very pretty! It´s bronze/gold and very glittery.
First pic is outside and second pic was taken near a window.
This is basecoat, 2 coats of DS Glow and David topcoat.

Since I didn´t really like the color with my skintone I decided to spice it up a little, and tadaaa, there you have it: CHOCOLATE!
Pictures above were taken near the window, the one below was taken with artificial light (my kitchen light)

Doesn´t it remind you of chocolate? It does to me.

I will be going to Moviepark Germany with my doughter today. Hope you will all have a great day as well. Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

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