zondag 15 augustus 2010

Another tag!


I'm tagged again, yeey! This time it was by the lady that runs the blog (I'm sorry, but somehow I don't remember your name, shame on me!)

The funny thing is that a few of these questions are the same as I sent to Linnie earlier this week. I will do my best to answer them.

1. Have you ever felt so disappointed by a nail polish that you wanted to throw it out of the window? And why?

Well, in the beginning I didn't know anything about nailpolish and nailart and all. A lady sold me some Konad when I was in the USA 2 years ago. When I got home, I just went to a drugstore to get more polishes to stamp with. Of course I chose the cheapest ones, haha. And they just didn't work at all! Those were Essence polishes. Later I tried to use them as regular nailpolish but still didn't like them. So yes, I threw them away. Not out of the window, just in the trashcan.

2. What´s your top 3 in favorite nail polishes?
I knew when I asked this question at Linnie it would be difficult. But now I have to choose, oops! Just 3? This is hard! I'll make a top 5. Well, ok, in no particular order and I will change every week:

Nfu Oh 51
OPI ds Diamond
OPI ds Glamour
Nubar purple beach
Ozotic 506
 3. What´s your favorite online-store? because of their great prices! for their great service!
For clothes? I think (only when they have sale :P) but I order from a lot of webshops all around the world.

4. Is there anything you´d like to share with us that you haven´t told before?
I just love rythmic gymnastics! I used to do this great sport myself and since almost 2 years my daughter is addicted too.

5. What's your favorite song at the moment?
I listen to music on the radio only actually. And always forget what the songs are called, hahaha. I do love that song by Jason Mraz - I'm yours. I know it's not a new song anymore, but me and my daughter love to sing along with that one very loud when we're in the car.

I made it through all the questions!!! What a relief!

My tag goes to Melanie from

Hope you liked it! Enjoy the remaining hours of your weekend!

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  1. I changed two questions for Shiny :D
    didn't have much time...

    Leuk om te lezen!!