maandag 23 augustus 2010

Raspberry truffle

Hi you all!

Today I have a very nice brown shade for you from the Nubar chocolate collection. As I said before, Nubar is just the best polish for me if it comes to application. Hardly any clean up necesarry. I was going through my stash last night to find an untried that´s also work appropriate, couldn´t really find it, haha. But as long as my colleagues are allowed to walk around with deep red and bright pink nailpolish, I think I´m allowed to wear this pretty.
The formula was just great as well! Only needed 1 coat!

And here it is: Nubar Raspberry Truffle. A dark brown with cherry/red colored glitter.
To capture how great this is I could only make pictures in artificial light.

You like this color? And are you as big a fan of Nubar as I am?

I wish you all a pleasant week!


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