zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

Sally Hansen DVD

Good afternoon!

This morning I received a swap package from Cat. Thank you Cat!! And decided to try one right away. It´s Sally Hansen DVD. A great blue with purple duochrome!! Although it was impossible for me to catch the duochrome on camera. Probably because I only have my cell phone to photographe with. I did buy a camera a while ago, but it doesn´t seem to work. Only crappy pictures. My cell phone camera is a lot better, but still not the best of course.

The color is just so gorgeous!! But unfortunately it doesn´t dry! So my right hand looks terrible now, since I wanted to write something down like an hour after I put it on.

Here are the pictures. Again I´m sorry that I couldn´t capture the duochrome, I did my best. It does show a little in the bottle though.
This is one coat of Sally Hansen first and last, three coats of DVD and a coat of David.

If you can get your hands on this pretty, you should absolutely buy it!

Have a great saturday! Thanks for stopping by!

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