dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Daddy´s Girl

Goodmorning on this sunny tuesday!

Today I´d like to show you Sinful Colors Daddy´s Girl. It´s a nice purple jelly with purple and pink glitter in it. I did 3 coats, since after 2 coats, there was still a little bit visible nail line. That´s quite normal with a jelly, but I rather have it opaque, so that´s why 3 coats. Drying time was just regular. I really like this shade. And also Sinful Colors, since they make very nice affordable colors. They only cost $2!! That´s about €1,60. The price is comparable to Essence, but better application, quality and much more variety in colors.

On to the pics (since I´m not feeling very well today, I had a hard time keeping the camera steady, I apologize)

Do you like Sinful Colors? And do you own a few?

Hope you´ll all have a great day!

Thanks for watching!


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