maandag 16 augustus 2010

Blue and purple, my favorite colors!

Hello ladies!

Last night I decided to finally use China Glaze Tempest. It´s blue with a slight duochrome to purple. Since I knew it is quite sheer, I used H&M Fashionista as a base.

Here´s one coat of Fashionista, which is actually much more purple. I hate it when the camera doesn´t cooperate with me.
Bad picture! Sorry!

So after that I used one coat of ChG Tempest. This is what that looked like.

Now you´re thinking, slight duochrome? Don´t see any duochrome at all!
I can tell you, it´s not my bad pictures, I couldn´t see the duochrome either. I mean it´s a nice blue shade, but no duochrome. So I decided to put Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis on top of this. Now I´m completely satisfied!

Look at these gorgeous colors!

Now that´s what I call duochrome! Awesome! Purple and blue together, my 2 favorite colors.

Hope you´re all having a great day!

Till next time,

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