woensdag 18 augustus 2010


Hi ladies

How are you all doing? I´m a little sad today, since it´s the last day of my vacation. That means that tomorrow morning my alarm clock will go of again at 4:20 and friday even at 3:20, the horror! This also means that I probably won´t be able anymore to update my blog daily.

On to my NOTD. It´s P2 Rebel. I saw this on DeltaCephei´s blog ( last week and loved it right away. So when Linnie from went to Germany last friday and asked me if I needed anything I asked her for Rebel. Thanks Linnie!
Yesterday it arrived at my home and I decided to try it on right away. Gorgeous shade of blurple (blue/purple)!! Application was a lot better than what I expected from a 1,55 euro nailpolish. The smell was horrible, but it could be that it was just one of these rare occasions that my nose was working the way it should. I hardly ever smell anything.

Of course I had trouble capturing the purple in this, sorry again. I´ve chosen 3 pictures in different light. The first is daylight, the second is daylight with flash, the third one was taken in a dark spot in my home also with flash.

I´m going shopping with my mom, she always asks my help when she needs new jeans, haha.
Hope you will all have a great day as well!

Till next time!


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