vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

China Glaze Branding Iron + Gosh Rainbow

Goodmorning to you all!

You´re witnessing a historic moment. I´m wearing a red nail polish for the very first time! I couldn´t even imagine wearing red ever. It´s not that I´m head over heels about every shade of red all of the sudden, don´t worry, but I saw some manicures with dark red polish topped with flakies and for the first time I saw that even red could be stunning. So I ordered China Glaze Branding Iron.

I used to dislike nailpolish when I was a kid. I remember one of my big cousins painting my nails in a bright red when I was 4 years old. I cried until my mother finally removed it. That´s when the hate for red started, hahaha. When I grew up I did start liking other colors, but still hated red. And then I became a nailpolish junkie, but still no red. Up till now...

Branding Iron has great application, opaque in just one coat. It´s a deep dark red, very pretty. I layered it with flakies (Gosh Rainbow). One of the ladies on a dutch nailboard mentioned that I just can´t seem to do a mani without glitter or flakies LOL. I think she´s right, haha. I love to spice up everything.

On to the pics.

I just wish the sun was shining when I was wearing this, but unfortunately it didn´t want to come out and play. You hardly see that it´s red at all, hahaha (except for the first picture) Well, I really like the combination! The gorgeous duochrome flakies that flash red, orange, green and yellow.

Have a nice day!!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. ach gossie! Een hele rode-nagellak-trauma..
    Maar valt nu achteraf toch wel mee he ;)
    Ik vind het iig prachtig!

  2. See! Reds can be beautiful... Love the flakies!

  3. This looks brilliant with the flakies!