woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Toma Meltdown on Mars


Another duochrome for today. It´s just so much fun to see different shades in one polish. This one is an eggplant purple with gold/bronze duochrome.
Toma is not really a well-known brand. I found swatches of them half a year ago and after that I found out they are discontinued. I still have quite a few on my wishlist, just hoping someone has them lying around and want to swap.

Here is Toma Meltdown on Mars, 1 coat with topcoat.

The last picture was taken inside and as you can see it´s mostly gold/bronze. So that´s the only downside to this polish, you hardly see the duochrome inside.

In the meantime I filed my nails down. They are really really really short now. They haven´t been this short since I stopped biting my nails about 11 years ago. My nails grow so fast and I don´t have the time to shape them once a week. Will show you pictures of my short nails soon.

Have a great day!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You're great at finding beautiful polishes that I never even heard of lol, and this one is no exception :)