woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Day 3: matte/suede + duochrome

Hi ladies!

Let me start by saying WELCOME to all my new followers. Already over 50 new followers in the last 10 days, that´s just so great!

Today is day 3. Of course I can´t do a purple week without a duochrome and a matte polish.

The first one I´m showing is Zoya Savita. I just recently got this and it´s a beautiful shade of purple. Dries fast like all matte/suede polishes. I used 2 coats. Two pictures without topcoat and two with topcoat. Zoya´s are very smooth in their application, this was no exception.
First 3 in daylight, last one in artificial light. It´s not as blue as shown in the first few pictures.

The second one from today is Zoya Ki, which is a darker version of Nubar Purple Beach. This is 2 coats. Somehow I had a lot of trouble to get steady shots of this one. Hopefully you do get the point of this one. It flashes from purple to green.
all of them were taken in daylight.

Well, that´s it for today. Hope you liked it!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. ben geen fan van matte.
    Maar heb wel goed nieuws geloof ik! Er is een pakketje afgeleverd bij t postkantoor en volgens mij is het al uit Estland! Dus zodra ik klaar ben hier bij mn stage ga ik eventjes langs t postkantoor. Dat zou wel super snelle bezorging zijn!

  2. @ Pricilla
    Thank you! It is pretty!

    @ Sylvia
    Dank je wel!

    @ Melanie
    Ben ook geen fan van matte. Wel van de extreme snelle droogtijd :D En dan topcoat erop, prima!
    En inderdaad goed nieuws, lekker snel!

  3. Wow, ik vind Ki prachtig! En ik denk dat ik Savita mooier vind in matte dan met topcoat :)

  4. Duochrome polishes are absolutely awesome, and this Zoya Ki is a great one! I really like to see how it goes from purple to green in your pictures, very pretty!