donderdag 7 oktober 2010

Claire´s Magic

Hi ladies!

I´ve got another polish from my swap with KarenD to show you. It´s purple and it has a gorgeous pink shimmer. It looks a bit like some other purples I already have (like Collistar viola glitter and Zoya mimi), but they have microglitter in it and this is really a shimmer.
And you´ll see my short nails for the first time. I think they don´t look to good on camera LOL. But next week this time they will be a lot longer again.

To give it just a little extra I did one accent nail. On my ringvinger I applied 2 coats of Nina Ultra Pro purple xing over Claire´s magic. I think Purple Xing looks a lot better on its own. It´s a purple with holographic glitter (which you hardly see in the pictures). I´ll show you that some other day.

So here´s the pretty Claire´s magic. It only needed one coat. Application wasn´t perfect, will add some thinner to it. Then it might need two coats, but that´s ok.
Three pictures in different light.

Isn´t this beautiful? I like it very much!! This won´t come as a surprise since I am a purple lover.

Take care,

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  1. Glad you like Magic! It's an older color, so I'm not too surprised it might have gotten a bit thick.