donderdag 21 oktober 2010

Day 4: two pretty Zoya´s

Goodmorning to you all!

This is day 4 already of my purple week. I think it´s kind of cool doing a theme week, I might do it more often.

Today I´d like to show you 2 Zoya polishes. One of them is from the new Fire&Ice collection and I´ve heard it might be close to another purple Zoya. I´m talking about Valerie and Yasmeen. After swatching them I can say they really don´t look alike. They are both purple, but that´s about it.

First up is Zoya Valerie. Smooth and opaque in just 1 coat. What else do you need? And it´s very sparkly and it´s gorgeous. It has a red-purple base with some kind of red shimmer/glitter.
all pictures taken in daylight.

And next up is Yasmeen. I actually had this for a long time, but I gave it up for a swap for a polish I really really wanted. My thought was that I could always order this again, while the one I swapped it for, was very difficult for me to get. So when I ordered some new Zoya´s on eBay a few weeks ago, I decided to take Yasmeen back.
It´s smooth and a gorgeous dark purple. Not much to say about it. It needed 2 coats.
both taken in daylight, first picture is most color accurate

Which of these 2 is your favorite? I think I prefer Valerie, although Yasmeen is very pretty as well.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you back here for the rest of the theme week as well.


3 opmerkingen:

  1. I think they do kind of lookalike in the pictures, but I haven't seen them in real life. I think I prefer Valerie, too :)

  2. What a coincidence! I just received a package with those 2 (among others :P ) They look fantastic! I haven't tried them yet, but in the bottle Valerie looks sooo sparkly!
    Just curious: what was the difficult-to-get polish for which you've swapped Yasmeen?

  3. @ Lois
    Valerie is more red-based and more sparkly. Very pretty!

    @ Amy
    I swapped it for a Del Sol. That brand is about impossible to get, since the webshop doesn´t ship international