vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

Ozotic 504: multichromes are the best


A few days ago I showed you Ozotic 27. After wearing it for half a day I wanted to do something extra. I mean, the sun was shining and I needed to take advantage of that. So I pulled out one of the amazing multichromes Ozotic has, number 504. It flashes gold, pink, purple and blue. Love it!

So on top of Ozotic 27 I applied 2 coats of 504. Here´s the result.

What can I say? I don´t think I´ll ever get bored or tired by these kind of polishes. With this on my nails I can stare at them all day to see what other hidden colors are in there. The effects in the sun are so different from the shade. And under a lamp you get other colors as well.

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