woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Sally Hansen nail prism Amber Ruby

Good morning!

Yesterday I received another swap. This time it was from Margaret from MUA. I was actually planning to put on OPI Movin´ Out, but since there was a Sally Hansen nail prism in the package, I decided to do that one.

First I put on a layer of Zoya Raven which is said to be a dupe for Chanel Black Satin. It´s a very shiny black creme and opaque in one coat. I do still prefer Nubar Noir over Zoya Raven, but it is pretty good!

After this I used one coat of Sally Hansen Amber Ruby. It´s gorgeous! Duochrome and flashes magenta, red, orange, gold and yellow. All kinds of colors I don´t even like, hahaha, but blended together in a duochrome it´s lovely!

Warning: lots of pictures ahead!

Yes, lots of pictures, but I think a good duochrome deserves that. It does remind me a lot of Ozotic 502 which I´ve shown you a few months ago.
I think you could wear this on its own as well, so without a base color. Unlike the other nail prism I have, this isn´t all to sheer.

Do you have any of the Sally Hansen nail prisms? It´s a shame they don´t make them anymore. I have 2 of them right now and another 3 on the way. And I would still love to get Turquoise Opal, which is really hard to find.

Thanks for watching!

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