dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Day 2: purple glitters


This is day 2. I have a lot of purple glitters and had not used a lot of them yet.

First up is Nina Ultra Pro Purple X-ing. A very nice medium blue-based purple. It has quite a lot of holographic glitter. This went on pretty smooth, no complaints. And needed 2 coats for full opacity.

1st in daylight, 2nd in artificial light. Its true color is between the first and second picture.

Next up is China Glaze Electric Lilac. It´s like the name says, Electric Lilac :P, lilac jelly with holographic glitter. This one is really chunky and application wasn´t smooth at all. I did want to show you this without any base color, but I think this would be better as a layer polish over a lilac cream polish like Nubar Lavender. I do like the color though.
3 coats for full coverage.
1st in artificial light, 2nd in daylight. This is a lot less blue actually.

The third one I´m showing you is H&M Hello Kitty Cool Summer. More of a red-based purple with pink, blue and silver microglitter. Application was a lot better than I expected, not bad at all! 2 coats for opacity.
both taken in daylight, pretty color accurate.

The fourth one is one that doesn´t really belong in this theme week. Its name is Sally Hansen Purple Fiesta, that´s why I took it out of the helmer, but in my opinion it´s more brownish or something than purple. Maybe you can call it eggplant purple. Application was ok, but not more than that. The glitter does seem to disappear in the polish. A bit chunky too. Do like it though. I used 2 coats.
1st in daylight, 2nd in artificial light.

I think I like the first one the most. What´s your favorite of these 4?

Tomorrow day 3. Hope you´ll be back to see that as well.

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  1. I don't know if I can pick a favorite! Probably either Purple X-ing or Electric Lilac...but it's hard to say. :)