zondag 10 oktober 2010

Fantasy by OPI ds

Goodmorning ladies!

I hope you´re all having a good weekend. The sun is finally shining here again, yay!

Today I want to show you OPI ds Fantasy. I definitely like most of the designer series from OPI, but the three blue shades are absolutely my favorites. The sparkly blue DS Magic. The gorgeous holo midtone blue DS Glamour. And this dark blue DS Fantasy, that also has a very little bit of holo. You can only see it in direct sunlight and it´s nowhere near an in your face holo, but it´s definitely there.
I hope I´ll find the time soon to do a comparison of these three.

Application was good and it only needed one coat to be opaque.
As you all know by now I don´t have the best camera, still using my cell phone camera, but I tried to capture its beauty as good as possible.

Isn´t this gorgeous? I most definitely think so. I was lucky to get the last one from Transdesign. I actually ordered 4 of them, since I knew some other people who liked to get this baby, but got an email right away that there was only one left.

Thank for stopping by and till next time!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful!
    Deze blauw bezit ik niet :D Lucky dat jij de laatste hebt weten te bemachtigen!

  2. Ja, inderdaad heel erg lucky!! Hij is echt heel gaaf!

  3. Prachtig! *kwijl* En Fantasy via TD? Die heb ik er nooit tussen zien staan :( Nou ja, Ebay is my friend!