zondag 17 oktober 2010

Sunday night talk

Goodevening ladies!

Well, the competition went pretty well. She ended 6th. She did get enough points to go on to the next level, so that´s great. As always when she has a competition with rythmic gymnastics or horseback riding, I was very very very proud of her!! 
I´ve uploaded the movie on youtube. Poor quality, but at least you can see something.

Tomorrow I´ll start with my purple week. Every single day of next week I´ll be giving you something purple. I do have a lot more than what I´m showing you, but most of them have been on here already. I hope you´ll enjoy my first theme week. And you can always email me if you have any ideas on another theme week. Or if you have any other requests.

And ofcourse I want to remind you of my giveaway:
It´s going very well. The amount of followers has almost doubled last week, I´m so happy! And I wanted to let you know that I´m already planning another giveaway. I´m not sure if it will be for 100 followers or maybe a holiday giveaway or something, but it is going to be a nice one as well. I´ve got cremes, glitters and foils waiting here for you.

That´s all for today. Make sure to tune in tomorrow for the purple week day 1. It´s one of my long time lemming that I finally got my hands on.

Take care,

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