woensdag 13 oktober 2010

I would really appreciate your opinion

Goodevening to you all!

I was scrolling through my list of untrieds and found out most of them are purples. Now I´m thinking of doing a theme week with only purples. I would really like your opinion on that. Of course I started this blog for my own pleasure, but I do like to keep my readers interested in my blog. Please leave a comment in the commentbox below. I will start it after the weekend, have some swatches coming up for the next few days.

So yay or nay for a week full of purples??

Thank you ladies!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I LOVE purple, and realized not so long ago that this is the colour I own the most, as far as polishes are concerned.
    I would be happy to see purple ones during a whole week, you bet!
    So, definitely, YAY :)

  2. I love purple too :)

    a purple week would be great, i did a holo week myself a couple of months ago because I love them that much ;)

  3. uuuh purple is one of my fav colours!! so yayyyyyyy! :D

  4. I think a theme week of purples is a good idea.

  5. Oh wow, I didn't expect you to be this enthusiastic. Thanks ladies!

  6. why not? it could be very interesting to see how different shades of the same color family look on a certain skin tone.

  7. I know I'm the newest follower, and late to this post besides... but I would be quite happy if you showed up purple polishes for a year! They are my favorites too and it looks like I'm nowhere near alone in that. lol

  8. Thank you all ladies!

    @ Donna
    LOL, I´ve got about enough purples to show all year long, but I think I should keep a little variety in my blog. But it´s always nice to know I´m not the only purple freak :D